Announcement: The Magic Of Making Up Review

Will The Magic Of Making Up Work For You?

Users of The Magic of Making Up System report that they have had positive results with getting their ex back once they acted upon the suggestions the author provided them.

They also report that they really appreciated how the author replied to their e-mails as they were going through a very difficult period.

Many said having the author “hold their hand” gave them much more confidence and helped to ease some of the hurt and sadness while they were working to get their ex back.

T. W. Jackson, the author, states that the techniques he teaches in the Magic of Making Up, are the things you can only learn through experience or from the experience of others. These are some things your parents and your teachers never taught you. His methods are counterintuitive to what the average person thinks they should do to get their ex back.

What Special Techniques Will I Learn?

There are a lot of different techniques in the Magic of Making Up too many to mention but some of them include:

  • Why you should not call, text, e-mail or communicate with your ex during a certain period of time
  • What to do and how to act while you are waiting to get back with your ex
  • Why rebound relationships usually don’t last
  • How to react to your ex when you run into them in public
  • Why what you do or say will determine if your ex comes back to you or not
  • How to tell if your ex still loves you
  • The exact moment when it is O.K. to call your ex and what to say and not say, if you want to get them back
  • The one thing a man needs from his woman that will keep him madly in love with her
  • The one thing a woman needs from a man that will keep her loving him forever (different for both sexes)
  • Rebound relationship stages
  • How to get your ex back even if they are seeing someone else
  • How to respond, so you don’t blow it, when your ex contacts you after being apart for awhile

What Else Should I Know About The Magic of Making Up?

Reading some of the comments concerning T. Dub it seems that he takes a very practical approach to restoring and solidifying a relationship.  He claims that he used these very same techniques to restore and renew his own relationship. He seems to have a very ethical philosophy and a quote from his site reveals this:

 I am truly dedicated to helping people get back together.
There are not only relationships on the line, but FAMILIES…AND CHILDREN TOO

T.W. Jackson

When you visit T.W. Jackson’s  site he has a video which shows a very likeable guy who appears to enjoy helping people.  So if you decided to try this program you will know exactly who you are dealing with.

The Magic of Making UpHis site also shows that he gives e-mail support, so if you have questions as you move forward in repairing your relationship he will respond and make sure that you know you are not alone in this process.

And he has a sixty day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your relationship or if you don’t get your ex back.

What Do Real People Say About The Magic Of Making Up?

T.W. Jackson has helped over 50,000 from over 77 countries.   The following are a few excerpts of the many, many positive testimonials you can find on the official site:

Well, My ex and I are talking a little bit more now. He text me yesterday and said that he missed me. He also told me he still loves me. And we have a date this Friday…[removed due to personal nature]

Sep  (Testimonial from company website)

 Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much you have helped me. I followed the [your guide] after a very bitter breakup of a two-year plus relationship (my first since my divorce from a21-year marriage). It started out being one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted in my life and after the initial two weeks I started feeling stronger each day and better about myself. My ex sent me an apology email three weeks in …By now, I had the strength to actually “sleep on it” and sent him a response the next day…within seconds he called me and asked to see me and was crying because he was glad I was talking to him. We are starting out very slowly again as friends (which is difficult for me since I am still deeply in love with him). An interesting note is this is a long distance relationship and your program still worked!! I am so happy to have him in my life again.

Thanks again,
Denise         (Testimonial from company website)


“well it tool some time but i got my girl back. she pretty [much] got down on her hands and knees coming back to me thanks buddy.”

Rob   (Testimonial from company website)

 Just wanted to thank you for all your help! Your book is amazing and got my man and I back together within a few weeks of reading it. Now to clarify, it had already been some time since we had even spoken to each other, and I was really starting to miss him. I read your instructions very carefully and fallowed them to the tee, and it worked! … I could not have done it without you! We are now blissfully celebrating are Birthdays together, and are even planning a beach getaway just us two.

Thank you sooooo much!!!     

Lena     (Testimonial from company website)

hey Tdub! how’s it goin’? i watched your video, and i must say, it’s the most *and you’re the most* informative person i know when it comes to what to do about a break up.”

Dianna    (Testimonial from company website)

 I am beside myself that something actually came of this…

I was SO skeptical putting in $39 to an e-book. I was positive it would be a waste of money, and there wouldn’t even be a book as promised.

PLEASE make it clear somewhere on your page that this is NOT A SCAM and that there are 62 PAGES FOR THIS BOOK, PLUS BONUSES.

I was beside myself.

Thank you so much…”

Sara    (Testimonial from company website)


“Just wanted to let you know your advice is so rational and so sound… At such a horrible and tough time it is reassuring to read the correct way to handle yourself and go about respecting someone’s wishes (a breakup) but at the same time try to get them back. A lot of people don’t realize how simple and easy it is, patience is a virtue and because of you … I am now dating the love of my life again, we were together for 4 years, split for only 2 1/2 months and are now back together. I did what you… told me was the ONLY option and it worked. If it is true love and meant to be, your advice is impossible not to work. Thanks for the guidance. You’re a good man!”

CC   (Testimonial from company website)

Does This Really Work?

When you buy the Magic of Making Up, you will get a full two month guarantee, during which time if you don’t get back with your ex, then you can return the product for a full refund. However, if you do get back with your ex, the author of this relationship repair program would love to hear your story so that your experience can help to show other people who are having relationship problems, that they can actually get back with their ex and restore their relationship to a higher level.

Whether you want to get a boyfriend/girlfriend back or want to keep your marriage from dissolving or just want to make sure that your current relationship stays hot and loving, the Magic of Making up will address those issues.  By following the advice you will dramatically increase the odds of restoring or keeping your relationship together.   This is a much more private way of keeping couples together.   The receive same kind of advice you would obtain from a paid therapist but without the embarrassment of airing your problems to a person outside your private life.

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Ex Dating Someone Else?

If your ex is dating someone else and you truly want your ex back then the first thing you must not do is panic! Your ex is just in a rebound relationship. And, ninety-nine percent of rebound relationships don’t last. So, if you really want to get your ex back then read on for some sage advice.

You Can Get Your Ex Back

Although a breakup with a partner you love can be really depressing, it does not mean that the relationship is over. You can get your ex back.

Even if the breakup should suddenly leave you feeling confusion and loneliness, you may still feel really eager to heal the wounds and jump right back in to that relationship with your ex.

If you are asking, “How can I get my ex back? then there are some things you need to know.

How To Get Back With Your Ex Boyfriend

If you want to know how to get back with your ex boyfriend you must understand that it is a process that takes a little work on your part. Right now it might be hard to figure out what went wrong and turn everything around but it can be done. How do you get back with your ex boyfriend? One step at a time. Although there are many techniques you can use in this article I will give you the three things you can do today if you want to learn how to get back with your ex boyfriend.

Is Your Marriage Heading For Divorce

Is your marriage heading for divorce?  Don’t despair or panic, it is not over yet and with a little work and some good luck you can save your relationship.

Every partnership between a man and a woman will go through a period where it seems they have fallen in hate with each other rather than love. Perhaps you are fighting every day and can’t remember the last time you both spent some quality loving time together.  Perhaps your sex life has died and is now just a distant memory.  Or maybe you have found out your partner has been cheating on you or lying to you about something important?

When Do You Know That Your Ex Wants You Back?

When you are emotionally invested in wanting to get your ex back is there a way that you can tell if your ex actually wants you back? Well, yes, there are actually signs you can look for.

One sign is when your ex starts showing up unexpectedly wherever you are.  Don’t think it is a coincidence. Your ex knows your habits it will not be hard for your ex to figure out where you will be at any given time. So if this is happening then it is a pretty good sign that your ex is making an effort to see you and probably is thinking very seriously about getting back together with you.

Is It Possible To Achieve The Restoration of Marriage

Are you wondering if you can achieve the restoration of marriage? Yes you can, marriage restoration works if you know exactly what to do and when.

One thing you must keep in mind – love within a marriage cannot be taken for granted. You need to nurture it or it will die.

A well nourished relationship is very hard to destroy.

Bring Back The Love Of Your Life

After the loss of a love partner many people wonder if it is possible to “bring back the love of your life.”

The relationship expert Cucan Pemo developed a relationship system that he claims can do exactly that!

In Cucan’s course he gives a 4 step strategy that he says will help you understand the dynamics of personal relationships.   He states that knowing these dynamics will help you get back with the love of your life.  He also states that he will hold your hand through each and every step. It’s like having a personal relationship expert at your beck and call.

Quick Tips On How To Save A Marriage

Most advice you receive about how to save a marriage is vague.   They tell you to learn communication skills, stop criticizing and just forgive one another.   Now don’t get me wrong all of that advice is good.  Anything you can do that is positive will help.    Here are some things you can do right now.  They may take a little time to show some effect on your marriage but they will help move you forward.

6 Stages Of A Relationship Breakup

A relationship breakup is painful no matter who does the breaking up.  We all go through certain stages or emotional periods in a break up.  We may not go through them in the same order but we go through them.  Even if you were the person who was dumped or you were the person who did the dumping you will still go through them.

It is important to know what these stages are that you are going through because by understanding what is happening you will be able to get through the stages quicker and get on to the road of healing.  Then you can get back finding the relationship that is right for you.